Three Basic Principles (“SMART TALK” Lou Tice)

“Three Basic Principles

In my life, I am guided by three basic principles: I want to be authentic, progressive, and effective.

・Authentic is to always be who I am, and not change because I’m with you one moment and my wife the next.  If I’m always wondering what others would want me to be, I will try to manipulate and get what I need out of them.  I am who I am, win or lose.  That’s authenticity.  And if you reject me or if I’m not capable, I won’t pretend to be something that I’m not.  I’ve just got to be who I am.  I encourage you to be who you are.

・Progressive means to improve who you are.  If who you are is not effective enough, if it’s not good enough, that’s okay.  Now you’ve got to progress and grow.  Progressive means every day you’re getting better.  You affirm, “I’m getting better every day.”  The process of affirmations is the key to the whole learning and teaching process, the key to getting from here to there.  Your here and there change, but the process remains the same.

・Effective suggests that you do the right things, the important things, not just the urgent or pressing things.  How do I become a more effective human being, a better father, a better leader, a better teacher?  How do I grow?  Being effective implies that you know where there is.   Do you know where there is?  Where are you going?  Some theres are  better than others.  I’ve tried a lot of them.  But when we’re talking about becoming effective, we’re talking about setting and achieving goals- the process of taking thoughts and building reality as best we know it.  That’s what it’s all about, too: taking an idea and making it substance.”

“Together, using Smart Talk, we can get where we want to go.”

(“SMART TALK” Lou Tice)